Comprehensive Monitoring and Economic Development Reporting
The Lift Investing program offers a transparent, robust, and accountable economic development reporting platform. Participating public agencies will semi-annually receive comprehensive economic impact reports regarding the deployment of funds through Lift. These reports are provided through the Lift Investing program software portal and will include snapshot on individual bank and credit union performance as well as culmulative performance of participating banks and credit unions in their jurisdiction.

Economic impact reports provide key data related to the receipt and deployment of funds. They will include a detailed background sheet that captures participation data, fund received, fund deployed, financial ratings of banks and credit unions, and key data related to the geographic deployment of funds (e.g. funds deployed into Opportunity Zones, Promise Zones, Food Deserts, etc.)

Reporting by Community Banks
Lift Investing will collect and report the economic impacts of the program to Program Participants.  This will include the collection of the following information:

  1. Dollar amount loaned in aggregate and per project;
  2. Type of project (i.e., Affordable Housing, Construction, Business Expansion, etc.)
  3. Number of jobs created and/or retained
  4. Number of new or retained housing units (if applicable)
  5. IDC Financial Rating or BauerFinancial Rating;
  6. Proof of collateralization/insurance of funds on deposit by Program Participants;
  7. Investments called or matured by Program Participant.

Distribution of Reports
Lift Investing will distribute economic impact reports to Program Participants on a semi-annual basis. Reports will be distributed on July 15thand January 15thof each calendar year.