For businesses the choice is clear on why to move your bank accounts locally into a Community Bank in the Lift Investing program. Lift Investing is an economic development program that partners the best community banks for businesses to strengthen the local economy. 

Banking Local Is Good, But It’s Not Enough
By banking locally, you are moving your dollars into your local community which supports your communities’ banks and the people they employ. Banking local is a good first step, but you can do more! Not every community bank is actively lending to grow your economy. That’s where Lift Investing comes in. We only partner with the community banks who are willing to prove up on their role in creating a stronger local economy through adopting program lending targeting goals and reporting on their success.

Our “held here, lent here” message is resonating everywhere! 
Community Banks in the Lift Investing program aren’t your average Community Banks; they have been vetted for financial strength and their ability to deploy funds for economic growth. Lift Investing is a locally implemented fiscal targeting program whereby the participating Community Banks target lending within the communities from which they receive deposits and hold themselves accountable for transparent reporting on their success in deploying those funds for economic development. Thus, the dollars in your account are working double-time to benefit and grow the economic prosperity of your community.

How Does It Work? Create An Account, See Your Impact
When you move your business banking account into a Lift Investing Community Bank you are supporting the economic growth realized when our banks target their lending geographically to support local business growth and report on their success through our standardized third-party reporting software. You will then receive reports on the deployment of those loans and the types of economic impact that your funds are helping create.

A Higher Level of Accountability & Transparency
For a Community Bank to join the Lift Investing program, they must:

  • Be headquartered in your State with a branch in your local area.
  • Achieve a Superior/5 Star rating by a recognized third-party independent bank rating agency.
  • Be an actively lending institution, based upon independent data regarding deployment of loans.
  • Pass an onboarding and vetting process to ensure clarity and dedication to program lending goals.
  • Contractually commit to the goal of deploying the majority of equivalent funds into business loans.
  • Target lending within geographic communities based upon funds received from those communities.
  • Transparently report on the successes from the deployment of funds for those business loans.