About the Program
In response to the unprecedented economic impact of COVID-19, Lift Investing, in partnership with local cities, counties, and districts (“jurisdictions”), has established the “Emergency Investment & Relief Program” with its existing community banking partners (“Program lenders”) to deploy local emergency loans to businesses directly affected by the ongoing crisis. Businesses must be located within the boundaries of participating jurisdictions.

To view the Program guidelines, click here for Elk Grove and here for Rancho Cordova.

Potential Borrowers
There are three steps a business must follow to apply for a loan under the Program.

Step 1: Submit the Pre-Screening Form to Lift Investing
If you are a business in one of the participating jurisdictions, please fill out and submit the simple pre-screening form below to get started.

Step 2: Pre-Screening:
After you have submitted the pre-screening form, your information will be reviewed for completeness. Based on the results of the completeness reviewed, eligible businesses will be invited to apply directly with Program lenders. Ineligible businesses will not be invited to apply.

Step 3: Apply for Your Loan with a Program Lender
Invited businesses will apply directly to a Program lender for a loan using the Program lender’s standard small business loan application, underwriting, and loan origination processes. Loan terms will vary based on the particular needs and creditworthiness of the borrower, and guarantor information will be required.

Please Note: Funds for this Program are limited. Not all businesses that submit pre-screening information will be deemed eligible. Not all businesses deemed eligible will receive a loan. If you are not deemed eligible, you will be notified in writing by Lift Investing  or program lenders of this decision. Eligibility and loan underwriting decisions are made at the sole discretion of program lenders. Additional information. will be requested during the lending process by Lift Investing and the Program lender.

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